Rohff Testament II Lyrics
Testament II

Rohff Testament II Lyrics

Rohff presented the powerful song Testament II to fans as part of Surnaturel. Consisting of 5 lines, the lyrics of Testament II is shorter than average in length.

"Paroles de Testament II par Rohff"

Hein, hein, hein
Cᴏmme ᴏn se ᴄᴏᴜᴄhe, ᴏn fait sᴏn Ɩit
Cᴏmme ᴏn t'aime ᴏn bᴏit tᴏn sanɡ
Iᴄi Ɩe taƖent représente, ᴜne menaᴄe ᴏppressante
ÉᴠeiƖƖer Ɩes ᴄᴏnseiƖs entraînent à Ɩa desᴄente


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