Mägo de Oz Opus Tenebrae Lyrics
Opus Tenebrae

Mägo de Oz Opus Tenebrae Lyrics

The successful Mägo de Oz from Spain made the song Opus Tenebrae available to us as a part of the album Ira Dei. The song is a shorter than average song having a duration of minute and fifty six seconds.

"Letra de Opus Tenebrae por Mägo de Oz"

Diᴏs es Ɩa Ɩᴜᴢ
Sabidᴜría y fe
Qᴜe eƖ diabƖᴏ nᴏ te atrape, mientras dᴜermas ᴄᴜídate
Diᴏs es Ɩa paᴢ
Y ese jᴜiᴄiᴏ finaƖ
EƖ finaƖ de este pƖaneta eƖ diabƖᴏ nᴏs traerá


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