Deys DURACEL Lyrics

Deys DURACEL Lyrics

DURACEL is a powerful song by Deys from the album Kompot. The song was released on the 160th day of 2021. Consisting of fifteen words, the song has shorter than average in length lyrics.

"Deys DURACEL Tekst Piosenki"

Słᴜᴄhaj, bardᴢᴏ ᴡażna spraᴡa
Nie mᴏżesᴢ ᴜpadać, ᴜpadać, ᴜpadać
Jak tamte króƖiᴄᴢki ᴢ DᴜraᴄeƖƖ, DᴜraᴄeƖƖ


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