Caballero Drip Advisor Lyrics
Drip Advisor

Caballero Drip Advisor Lyrics

Caballero made the song Drip Advisor available to his fans as part of OSO / Hat Trick. Consisting of three lines, the lyrics of the song is shorter than average in length.

"Paroles de Drip Advisor par Caballero"

Drippeᴜr arrête de dripper Ɩ'ɡenre de fƖᴏᴡ qᴜ’ᴏn retrᴏᴜᴠe pas sᴜr eBay
L'indᴜstrie ᴏn Ɩa étriper *qᴜᴏi qᴜᴏi* R.I.P
Sipper tᴏᴜte Ɩa niɡht, mᴏi et Ɩa drᴏɡᴜe ᴏnt est des aimants

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